1. Wait, weren’t you on Tumblr?

Yes, yes I was.

2. Does that mean you’ll never post there again?!

Fear not! I’m keeping my Tumblr. I’ll use that platform more for reblogging and commenting on others’ content, as well as to archive some correspondences and sources for my own reference.

3. How did you come up with the username astrocraftpadawan?

I originally made my Tumblr with the intent of exploring cosmic witchcraft (or astrocraft). As for the ‘padawan’ part… I had been watching Star Wars. I thought I was being super clever.

4. How did you learn tarot?

My sister had been practicing for some time before I decided to try it out. I learned by doing? Mostly? I referred to my guidebooks and online “cheat sheets” to help me interpret. I still use those resources.

5. Do you actually practice witchcraft?

Eh… not exactly. It’s something that I have interest in (hence, the username), but haven’t put enough attention to. My main focus now is divination.

6. What do you want to accomplish with this blog?

I want to share my journey to becoming a better diviner. I want to show that mistakes and/or challenges occur along the way. It’s a learning process. No one should be ashamed of admitting it.