Do I Need Another?: The Creation of Deck Mountain

Okay, Deck Mountain is a bit of an exaggeration. The collection is more of a Deck Hill that will surely become Deck Mountain at the rate I am currently acquiring new decks. I own… six, no, seven decks. I backed another three on Kickstarter in 2018. I’ve banned myself from backing any in 2019.

“Does this mean that we shouldn’t be buying multiple deck?” Hmmm, no.

“So then I should buy one hundred decks?!” Also no.

“So, like, what’s the deal? How many decks should one diviner own?” It’s really up to each diviner, but I’ll go into the reasons for my own collection.

Why so many? Is it never enough?

Let me start by saying that I never imagined that I would own more that one deck. However, I do have some traits that made this inevitable:

— I like to collect things. I am a collector of collections.

— I’m a sucker for good artwork. The opportunity to own said art and use it is incredible.

— I have zero impulse control. If I see something that I really like, and find that I have the money to purchase it, I buy it. Whoops.

How do you justify the collection?

The benefit to owning more than one tarot deck is that each artist interprets the cards differently. All seventy eight cards have their own set of meanings, and it’s difficult to have them all displayed on a single card. Oracle decks are another thing altogether. For those, there is neither a set amount of cards, nor specific guidelines to follow. The possibilities are endless.

Because of the above points, I believe each deck has its own personality. They seem to assign themselves to a preferred line of questioning. If it’s a group endeavour, they assign themselves a partner. I’ll explain these ideas further in a separate post.

Are there any downsides to the Multi-deck Theory?

Admittedly, yes. Getting all these decks over the span of just over three years means that I haven’t had enough time to really connect with most of them. If you calculate the amount of days in three years (1,095), and divide it by the amount of decks I now own (7), I should have spent about 156.42 days working with each one. We could get further into it in terms of subtracting hours for sleep, work, eating, etc…

The point is this: I have not spent enough time working with every one of my decks. Phew. It’s nice to finally admit that.

What now?

Well, now I have to create goals for myself. My planner has a section for jotting down readings each week. I have this blog. I have spreads I want to create. There is a lot of potential for progress this year. I want to do something with it. Will you join me in this divination training? I’d love to hear about your experience!

-Astrocraft Padawan

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