Name Tag: An Introduction Spread

I have strong feelings about introductions. I would say that one Grinch quote summarizes it well enough: “Hate hate, hate. Double hate. Loath entirely.” Granted, the film context was completely different, but the sentiment is the same. My hatred for introductions probably comes second after small talk. Small talk is horrendous.

So you can imagine my distress at being told that introductions and small talk– totally necessary. You can’t know someone without introducing yourself. At least, that’s what my therapist says. I have my doubts.

I’m going to make the process more bearable for myself by using the following Name Tag spread. Consider it a name tag for the online divination community.

The card placements.

Card #1 My strongest trait: What is a strength of yours, in relation to your work? What makes you a good diviner?

Card #2 My weakest trait: What is a weakness of yours, in relation to your work? What holds you back as a diviner?

Card #3: How both traits affect my work: How do both traits work together or against each other in your line of work? How do they influence your divination readings?

So what are my results?

VI of Cups: I am good at bringing in past experiences and knowledge into my readings. I use that information to better interpret my divination tool of choice.

II The High Priestess: There are things that I do not want to acknowledge. There are things in plain sight that I choose to ignore. I prefer to avoid the vulnerability involved.

I The Magician: There is a lot of potential for understanding myself more. The challenge will be accepting all truths, even the difficult ones. Once I accept that, I can accept myself better.

Introduce yourself!

Feel free to reply to this post with your own readings, or share on your own blog (with credit, of course.) Don’t be shy! I’m just a simple diviner in training.

-Astrocraft Padawan

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